Kentucky Truck Plant Creating 2,000 New Jobs

Kentucky Truck Plant Creating 2,000 New Jobs


With one week left as governor of Kentucky, Steve Beshear along with Ford Motor Company announced that the Kentucky Truck Plant, located in Jefferson County is creating 2,000 new jobs along with pouring an additional $1.3 billion into the Ford plant.

The plant will add a new body shop, upgrade areas of the KTP facility and start building the new aluminum-bodied Super Duty pickup, which is will be available in 2016. Ford says this truck will be the toughest, smartest, most Super Duty truck lineup.

Ford invested $80 million into the Kentucky Truck Plant in 2014 to meet customer demands for the the Super Duty Trucks plus $129 million also was given to support the creation of Lincoln MKC’s at the Louisville Assembly Plant.

Ford Motor Company has invested over $1.5 billion in the state of Kentucky and the city of Louisville, just in the last two years.

The Kentucky Truck Plant opened in 1969 and is over 6 million square feet and employs almost 4,400 people.

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