Which Hybrid or Electric Vehicle is Best for You?

So you’re thinking about going electric with your next vehicle—congratulations! There’s never been a better time to buy a vehicle with an alternative fuel source, and those vehicles have never been more available or more affordable. Ford offers a variety of alternative-fuel vehicles, from hybrids to plug-in hybrids to all-electric. But how do you know which alternative fuel vehicle is right for you? It all depends on your lifestyle and what you’re using your car for.

I never want to run out of power

If you love taking long road trips—but still want maximum fuel efficiency—a hybrid vehicle might be the best fit for you. These vehicles run on a combination of gasoline and electric power (hence the term “hybrid”), and you fuel up at gas stations like you would with any conventional vehicle. Hybrids offer incredible fuel efficiency and don’t require plug-in charging.

Ford Hybrid Vehicles

C-Max Hybrid

Fusion Hybrid

I want the best of both worlds

If you want a vehicle that combines the convenience of gas with the greenness of electricity—and can be powered by either—you’re looking for a plug-in hybrid. Like traditional hybrids, the engine in a plug-in hybrid features both a gas-powered engine and a battery pack. Unlike traditional hybrids, however, plug-in hybrid batteries are much larger, and can be charged independently—meaning you can take short all-electric drives without using a drop of fuel.

Ford Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

C-Max Energi

Fusion Energi

I want to say goodbye to gasoline

If you never want to pay another dime at the gas pump, you want an all-electric vehicle. Not only can these vehicles be plugged in to charge (meaning you don’t need a drop of gas to power them!), they’re also free of CO2 emissions. They’re perfect for daily trips like your work commute, dropping the kids off at school, or running errands.

Ford Electric Vehicles

Focus Electric

Once you find the hybrid or electric vehicle that’s right for you, all that’s left to do is visit your local Ford dealer and bring home your new super-green Ford! Check out Ford’s current specials on hybrids and EVs here. You’ll be driving greener in no time.