Why August is a Great Month to Buy a Car

Why August is a Great Month to Buy a Car

Throughout the year, there are numerous sales surrounding various holidays that people tend to wait to save money on the next vehicle purchase. While all of those sales are great money-savers, there is one month in particular that many people don’t realize is a great time to buy a new vehicle: August.

The majority of motor vehicle brands tend to release their new models in the summer or fall of the current year – because of this, dealerships become eager to get the current models on their lot sold to make room for new models. Many dealerships will be more willing to offer a great deal or incentive to make room for new inventory. Although dealerships may offer an even bigger deal later in the year, it is unlikely that they will still have your ideal model choice and features in stock – this makes August the best month of the year to purchase a car.

Although many new models will not yet be offered at your local dealership, it is likely that the window for custom orders will be open. If you’re interested in being the first on the road in your desired new model, placing your custom order in August will be key in making this happen.

Overall, August is a great month to buy a car. When buying a car in August, you are likely to get the best offer. Local dealerships will be itching to clear out their inventory and make room for new models being released – but don’t wait too long! Dealerships will also be anxious to clear out the inventory for the upcoming license plate change. Finally, to ensure that you’re the first one pulling up in the newest model, place your custom order in August.

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