Which Ford Truck Is Your Perfect Match?

Which Ford Truck Is Your Perfect Match?

Fact: Ford knows trucks.

Fact: America loves Ford trucks. That’s why Ford F-Series trucks have been America’s top-selling trucks for 40 years. If you’re a truck person in America, Ford is probably a big part of the reason why—and if you picture a truck, you’re probably going to picture the F-150.


But Ford’s truck lineup goes far beyond the F-150. No matter what type of truck person you are, they have a truck for you. Keep reading to find which Ford truck is made just for you:


The Classic: The Ford F-150

You want a proven truck with more than its fair share of history. You want space, power, and dependability. You want an F-150. It’s an American icon for a reason—the F-150 is the truck that defined trucks, and it continues to set the bar for every truck on the road. If you’re looking for a truck that’s big enough to get the job done, smart enough to do it right, and versatile enough to go from hauling at a worksite to dropping the kids off at soccer practice, the F-150 is the truck for you.


The Monster: The Ford Raptor

You’re big, bad, and far from ordinary. You want your truck to make a statement and that statement needs to be “Fear me.” You want amped-up performance, the ability to go anywhere, on any surface, anytime. You want a Raptor. This big brother of the F-150 is full of as much power, performance, and lean, mean design as Ford could pack into it. The result is an unmistakable monster of a truck that can only be driven by a select few.


The Workhorse: The Ford Super Duty

You don’t mess around when it comes to work—or to trucks. You need something with serious power, whether you’re hauling a boat, a trailer, a house, or another, lesser truck. You need a truck that takes work as seriously as you do, and you don’t want to waste your time on anything less than the best. You want a Ford Super Duty—available in a variety of configurations to make sure you get exactly as much power, torque, space, and horsepower as you need.


The Adventurer: The Ford Ranger

You’re a hiking, biking, camping mountaineer. You don’t need or want a ton of space, but you need a truck that can go anywhere you want it to—on the road or on the trail. Good news for all of you who want a mid-size truck that’s up for anything: The Ranger is returning in 2019. We’ll be counting down the minutes.