Ford’s Gone Green… For Decades!

Ford’s Gone Green… For Decades!

Ford Motor Co. was thinking “green” long before it became important. The Ford Dagenham plant in the United Kingdom was powered in part by burning London’s waste to the tune of 2,000 metric tons per week until 1939.

The plant originally opened in 1931 and, in total, produced around 1,050,000 engines. In 2008, the factory was recognized as the largest producer of Ford diesel engines globally. In 2012, the facility celebrated production of its 40 millionth engine.

Around 2010, Ford added “clean” to the green energy practices at Dagenham with the installation of wind turbines.

Over the years, a total of 10,980,368 vehicles have been assembled at the Dagenham plant. During that same time, Ford has led the way of going green as a corporation.

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