Three Ford Vehicles for Three Different Hauling Options

Three Ford Vehicles for Three Different Hauling Options

There’s something special about a Ford in the summertime. Whether you’re headed out to the lake for a weekend, to summer practice or hauling some plants for a landscaping refresh, we have a vehicle that fits your specific lifestyle and needs.

The Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 didn’t become America’s best-selling pickup by happenstance. For years, we have worked to create a truck we’re proud of that can haul more, go further and keep you connected the whole way. If you need more hauling capabilities, the F-150 is for you—with best-in-class towing and payloads, you can get that boat to the lake.

The Ford Expedition

Need to haul more cargo and people? The Expedition is the better big. That means that your friends and family can join in on the fun—the best part about driving. But you’re not limited to just adding more passengers. The 2019 Ford Expedition has more torque than ever before and can tow 9,300 lbs. Go ahead. Plan that family vacation.

The Ford Escape

Looking for a little more room and a sleek design? Enter our well-loved Ford Escape. With a maximum 3,500 towing capacity and curve control torque vectoring control, you can not only pack the extra bag, you can handle your trailer with ease. As with all of our Ford vehicles, you’ll be well protected with lane keeping systems and the Ford Safe and Smart™ package.

Ford fuels summer. Find your local Ford dealer today and get on the road.