Keep Your Kids Safe with These Car Seat Safety Tips

Keep Your Kids Safe with These Car Seat Safety Tips

Ford has always been committed to building the safest vehicles for you and your family. Regardless of the road you take this summer, we have three tips for you to ensure your child’s car seat safety!

Choose the right seat for your child.

Not all car seats were made equally, because many serve different purposes. Be sure to check your child’s weight and height against the manufacturer’s suggestions before purchasing. Always update your car seat as your child continues to grow.

Check your installations.

Car seats are installed differently and it’s vital you understand the parts and tips that go into installing these seats. Ford specialists at each of our service centers are happy to help you review your car seat’s installation.

Check the buckle.

Check rear- and front-facing car seat buckles to ensure they are placed in the correct area on your child’s chest.

Each Ford vehicle you purchase has been thoroughly tested for safety. Our vehicles continually receive the highest crash test safety ratings and include the best-quality airbags. Equipped with FordPass™ Connect and a child lock safety feature, we’re built safe for your family.