Celebrating Innovation: The X-100

Celebrating Innovation: The X-100

Probably the first true Ford dream car was the X-100 of 1953, which anticipated the torpedo styling themes of later Fords like the 1961 Thunderbird. The black steel and aluminum vehicle featured a 300 horsepower high-compression engine.

Another indication of Ford’s new directions from the same year was the Mexico – only a scale model, but the result of wind tunnel testing and an important pointer to future trends.

Ford claimed 50 engineering firsts for this car, including a moisture-sensitive cell on the roof, which automatically closed the plastic sliding roof panel, and sleek buttons replaced door handles.

An article in Paris Match showcased the ultra-modern accessories, which included a Dictaphone, an electric razor and a telephone for the busy traveler on the go.

Over 60 years later, Ford innovation continues to lead the way to the future.

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