Is A Ford Fusion Hybrid Or Energi Going To Be The New Normal?

Is A Ford Fusion Hybrid Or Energi Going To Be The New Normal?

You might be wondering why you should care about the sales spike of Ford Fusion Hybrids and Energi’s in L.A. when you live in West Virginia, Tennessee, or Kentucky. You actually have a lot in common, such as awful stand still traffic, and a mutual concern for the air quality. We all know L.A. struggles with their air quality and traffic jams, but by the statistics gathered by the Ford Fusion sales team, it seems like they are trying to take steps in the right direction to help these problems.


The Fusion is Fords second best selling car in Los Angeles and the overall best in North America.  Sales have spiked of the Ford Fusion Energi in L.A. nearly 39 percent and nearly 35 percent for the Ford Fusion Hybrid.

Wade Jackson, Ford Fusion marketing manager said, “The spike in Fusion Hybrid and Energi sales is a testament to Ford’s advanced engineering team developing fuel-efficient and fun-to-drive electric vehicles offering customers the widest range of choice in the segment.” Not only are they fun to drive they get up to 610 miles with a full tank of gas and a full charge.

The EPA estimates that to be the highest range of any plug-in hybrid sold in North America. So as you sit there in traffic and worry about all the gas you are waisting, you can breath easy knowing you have a battery charge to use as well and you aren’t ruining the air.

Space Saver

Not only will it travel the furthest but the size has also helped increase the sales of Ford Fusions in L.A. The trend of having a smaller mid-size sedan compared to a large F series has also rocketed the sales up 20 percent just in June.

The L.A. area held consistent in midsize sedan sales last year. Almost one out of every 10 midsize sedans are sold in the L.A. area. The Ford Fusion alone has doubled its sales and share there. A smaller vehicle is easier to get around in, in crowded places and in traffic.

Reaching new heights 

After F-series, the Fusion is the best-selling car to millennial buyers of all Ford’s cars and remains Ford’s best-selling car.

After all these great features that are offered in the different Ford Fusions it’s no wonder why sales have skyrocketed in the L.A. area. No matter what area of the country you are from these are all struggles we deal with. The Ford Fusion Hybrid and Ford Fusion Energi are great solutions to try to fix these struggles as much as possible.