You Asked…Ford Listened!

You Asked…Ford Listened!

You can finally kiss the threat of the dreaded morning commute coffee spill goodbye! As long as you’re driving the 2017 Ford Fusion, that is. The newest model in Ford’s line of sedans features a completely redesigned cupholder that will change the way you view convenience.

Being dissatisfied with your cupholders may be a minor annoyance, but it’s a daily one, which over time detracts from the overall car experience,” said Jolanta Coffey, Ford instrument panel and console manager. The research team at Ford wanted to find out exactly what it is about cupholders so important to their customers. Here’s what they found.

The first and most overwhelming trend in the responses from customers was that bottles win big. In fact, 79 percent of Americans say they use cupholders almost exclusively for bottles. Fifty two percent of Americans said they use cupholders for carrying coffee or tea. Another value that cupholders maintain is that they put satisfaction within reach – literally. However, cupholders aren’t limited to just being a home for liquid refreshments. Roughly half of the people who were surveyed responded that they use cupholders for their mobile device, 28 percent that they use it for loose change, 14 percent for gum or mints and 12 percent use cupholders to store their wallets.

So, what is Ford doing to make these small, but necessary components to your driving experience better than ever before? For the first time, Ford is using its tactical robot arm, RUTH, to verify the Fusion cupholders, as well as adding spring-loaded resistance grips within them. Additionally, the 2017 Ford Fusion has up to six cupholders in the console, front door pockets and the rear seat armrest. The new cupholders are available with ambient lighting, and are placed six inches farther forward than the 2016 Fusion. For maximum storage, there is a pocket added to the front console between the two cupholders that is the perfect size for a wallet.

As you can see, Ford has definitely done its homework. No detail is too small to be overlooked, and cupholder satisfaction is no exception. For more information on the new Ford Fusion click here!