Have You Driven a Ford Lately?

In 1982, Ford kicked off the “Have you driven a Ford lately?” campaign. Recognized by advertising industry trade publications as being one of the top campaigns of the decade, “Have you driven a Ford lately?” created top of mind awareness, invited people to get reacquainted with an old friend and welcomed a brand loyalty that continues building to this day.

In reviewing this campaign and how it helped increase Ford’s brand loyalty, Forbes wrote, the nice thing about brand loyalty is not only is it a leading-indicator of sales and profitability; it also identifies customer values and expectations well ahead of traditional research ventures. This campaign was very successful and provided useful indicators, as it gave an understanding into how (and in what ways) particular insights should be driven to optimize brand marketing and communications.

So, over 30 years later, when asked the question, “Have you driven a Ford lately?” The answer is “Drive one.”