What Does EcoBoost Mean?

What Does EcoBoost Mean?

Ford Motor Company starting producing EcoBoost turbo engines in 2009.

Three of Ford’s most popular vehicles–the revamped F-150, the redesigned Edge, and the iconic Mustang–have all received rave reviews for their moves toward EcoBoost technology.

The easiest way to explain what EcoBoost means is that it’s a combination of turbocharging and using direct fuel injection, with the goal of increasing fuel economy without seeing a decrease in power output. Get it? Eco (fuel economy) plus Boost (power) equals EcoBoost!

A turbocharged engine forces more oxygen into an engine, and more air makes the engine even more powerful. With that being said, instead of using a larger engine and more fuel to add power, a turbocharged engine uses air, which in turn saves on fuel economy without decreasing power.

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