Mustang Mania Goes Global

Mustang Mania Goes Global

When it was first launched 50 years ago, the Ford Mustang was a huge success. Right now, it still is.

Ford basically invented the concept of a “muscle car” with the Mustang and today, five decades later, despite intensifying competition, it’s still perceived by many as the leader in its class.

It’s common knowledge that Americans love the notion of a huge roaring V8, a sleek body and the sound of fast-moving tires, so it’s no surprise that the Mustang has developed something of a cult status in the US.

Until now, Europeans and Asians have been faced with the choice of either paying huge taxes to import the car or simply letting go of their dream of owning a ‘Stang.

Now, people outside the US will finally be able to enjoy their own Mustangs. Ford proudly announced in a press release earlier today that production of the 2015 Mustang has started at the Flat Rock Assembly plant. This is the sixth incarnation of the quintessential muscle car and it is the first one to be sold in more than 120 countries across the globe.

The new Mustang is expected to undergo its biggest change since launching in 1964, with new, more fuel-efficient engines, independent rear suspension and a radical change to its styling.

The 2015 Mustang is expected to ditch the retro styling of the current model for a more contemporary look. The new car will be lower, wider, and the customers will have the option of choices when it comes to engines. There will even be a 2.3L four-cylinder engine.

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