Ford Lane-Keeping Assist Technology Protects Drivers

Ford Lane-Keeping Assist Technology Protects Drivers

At Ford, Safety is one of the four pillars that form the bedrock of the brand. As your driver’s education instructor probably warned on your first day behind the wheel, the most important aspect of safe driving is keeping the car between the lines. On the tight expressways and parkways, surrounded by semis and large vehicles, that’s often easier said than done.

The Lane-Keeping System, available in select 2015 Ford vehicles, like the Fusion, Explorer and Taurus, includes both the lane-keeping alert and the lane-keeping aid.

A camera mounted behind the windshield watches road lane markings to determine vehicle position and detect a lane departure. The system can operate during the day or night. Lane-keeping alert warns you through a series of steering wheel vibrations, which mimic a rumble strip, should the system detect an unintentional lane departure. Lane-keeping aid actively applies steering torque, which alerts you to direct your vehicle back into the target lane should the system detect an unintended lane departure.

New technology, such as this, is why Ford remains a safety leader. In fact, the company has more Top Safety Picks from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as well as U.S. Government Five-Star Ratings of any automaker.

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