How Ford Aims to Reduce Water Usage EVEN MORE!

How Ford Aims to Reduce Water Usage EVEN MORE!

Ford to Reduce Water Use per Vehicle by 72% by 2020

Water is the most important nonrenewable resource to sustain human life. Ford recognizes water’s necessity and aim to reduce our footprint, starting with decreasing the amount of water each Ford Vehicle uses.

From 2000-2015, Ford has already saved 10 billion gallons of water by creating new technologies to aggressively manage water use. Ford has already reduced water usage by 61% and plan to reduce water usage by 72% by 2020! In order to make this jump, Ford created a new long-term water conservation plan that integrates a zero potable (drinking) water system for vehicle manufacturing. This will allow us to reach our goal of decreasing Ford’s water usage and minimizing our footprint.

Andrew Hobbs, Director of the Environmental Quality Office states that We are exploring innovative ways to reduce our footprint, starting with our aspirational goal of zero potable water use in our manufacturing process. From there, we have a final goal of zero water withdrawal for our manufacturing process.

Ford heard your need for change environmentally, and we are here to help facilitate that change!



Ford is aiming to reduce its use of the world’s most precious resource – water – by nearly three-fourths as it takes its next step toward using zero potable (drinking) water for vehicle manufacturing.