Drive Into Fall With These 9 Simple Tips

Drive Into Fall With These 9 Simple Tips

With fall right around the corner it brings, chilly nights, sweater weather, falling leaves, shorter days, and of course pumpkin spice lattes. These are all stapes to how great fall is but if your car isn’t prepared for these changes you may be stranded with no sweater, falling leaves, NO pumpkin spice latte and left in the dark .


Make sure to check that your headlights are in working order before heading out. Check to see if any are burnt out or cracked.


If you found any that are broken or burnt out make sure to change as soon as possible before heading out, to pick up your pumpkin spice latte.


Before you travel make sure to check your tires. Check the outside of your tire for any nails, holes, bubbles, or anything that doesn’t look right.


Prepare for the weather by checking your treads. To do so all you need is a penny. Simply insert the penny in between the treads, if Lincoln’s head is covered you all set. if you can see his head it may be time to replace your tires. Always remember tires are to changed when the tire is worn down to  3/32 of an inch.

For a more in depth check don’t hesitate to take your car to your local Ford Service Center.


Always make sure to periodically check your tire pressure with 2 simple steps. 1) Unscrew the cap from your tire. 2) Press the tire gauge into the valve to get the measurement. Usually between 30-35 your pressure is good, anything below that make a stop to fill up.

Keeping up on your tire pressure can also help optimize your fuel economy.


You should get your breaks checked regularly to prevent rotor damage or any dangerous situations. By bringing your vehicle into your local Ford Service Center they will be able to tell you when new breaks are needed.

Signs that your breaks may be going out: You hear high pitch squeals or scratching, your car is pulling or the medal feels mushy when your press it.


Before you get stuck in the rain with bad wiper blades or behind a car flinging mud on your windshield with no fluid make sure to check you have plenty of wiper fluid and that your wiper blades are in working condition.


To check the life of your wiper blades pull the wiper away from the windshield and run your fingers across it to make sure it is clean and not damaged. it is smart to this check about every 6 months. Spray your windshield and turn your wiper blades on to make sure they remove everything and they do it evenly. If they don’t it may be time to replace them.


Pop the hood and locate the fluid container, it is usually labeled and clear. Fill the container with fluid until it reaches the the line.


Checking the battery before a problem arrises can save you time and money down the road. When you get your next oil change ask the technicians to check your battery life. They have the tools to do so safely and correctly. Don’t rely on the appearance of your battery to determine its life, it may look to be in good condition on the outside on the inside it could be nearing the end of its life.


If you turn on the heat, but no hot air comes out, try the following:

With the engine off, lift the hood and locate the coolant reservoir, which is usually a clear white tank marked with a low-to-high range. If the level is low, loosen the cap on the tank (making sure everything is cool to the touch), wait for pressure to be released, and fill.


Most people are not aware that your car comes with several different filters. One that you can easily check and replace is the cabin air filter. The cabin air filter is normally located behind the glove box. A helpful hint when to replace is whenever is usually about 15,000 miles. They last longer or shorter than that. Replace then when you feel comfortable. if you have bad allergies or a breathing problem you may want to replace it sooner.

If you don’t feel comfortable enough to do this your self do not hesitate to bring it in to your local Service Center.




When it is colder out your engine is slower to react and start up. Having jumper cables is just a smart thing to have incase of emergencies.


If anything did happen to your engine and it shut down, your heat will also go with it leaving you in the cold. Having an blanket in your car can potentially save your life in that situation.


You cant always rely on the defroster to clear the ice off. Make sure to have an ice scrapper to fully clean off your windows.


Protect the exterior of your car from snow, rain or finish staining leaves.


Most accidents happen because the drive had impaired vision. Don’t let that happen to you, make sure to leave a good polarized pair of sunglasses in your car at all times to prevent these accidents.

If you check these 9 simple tips you will be sipping your pumpkin latte and watching the leaves fall ready for your next adventure.