The 2017 Ford Escape is Starring in New Reality Show ‘The Runner’

The 2017 Ford Escape is Starring in New Reality Show ‘The Runner’

The new 2017 Ford Escape can be seen helping reality show participants fight their way to a cash prize.

Hollywood actors, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, are the executive producers of a new reality show that is like no other called “The Runner.” In the show, one individual – the Runner – is challenged to try to make it across the United States while being chased by five teams of two, with the help of viewers. Those watching the show at home can pick a favorite chase team and use social media, to give the team clues on the location of the Runner at any time.

Ford Motor Company sponsors the show and as part of the sponsorship the 2017 Escape is featured through a three-part strategy of brand-based challenges, product integration, and social media partnerships. Features of the new Ford Escape, like the foot-activated liftgate, SYNC® 3, voice phone call and text message ability, plus cargo space are essential in helping the contestants overcome the challenges in the show.

“The Runner” started airing live on Verizon’s Go90mobile app and will run through July. Since the program encourages constant viewer participation, it is the perfect program to showcase the featured technologies included in the new Ford Escape.

Keep an eye out for three new episodes of “The Runner” released each day throughout the month of July and see the co-branded content across AOL, Go90, and Ford’s social media channels.

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