2016 Ford Explorer to Become First-Ever Wheelchair-Accessible SUV

2016 Ford Explorer to Become First-Ever Wheelchair-Accessible SUV

More exciting news from Ford Motor Company!

The world’s best-selling SUV for the last 25 years is now the world’s only volume-production wheelchair-accessible SUV.

Ford Motor Company and BraunAbility are partnering together to launch BraunAbility MXV™ – a wheelchair-accessible SUV, that gives wheelchair users the quality and dependability of a BraunAbility mobility vehicle, and the adventurous, “unstoppable” spirit of an Explorer.

But, re-vamping the regular 2016 Ford Explorer into a wheelchair-accessible vehicle isn’t easy. BraunAbility must convert the standard Explorer’s rear doors from hinged to sliding, so they open like a minivan’s. The SUV also offers an automatic ramp, a revised interior for additional space, and removable driver and passenger seats. The will allow wheelchair users to drive the vehicle from a wheelchair, or ride in it as a passenger.

Pricing options have not been announced yet, but the SUV will start showing up at select dealerships during the fall of 2016.

MXV-2016-Cutaway-Both-Seats MXV_16_White_Platnium_Open