2014 Henry Ford Technology Award Winners

2014 Henry Ford Technology Award Winners

Remember when taking a road trip required you to have a tangible map or written directions? Where would we be if creativity stopped at the 8-track cassette player, or if no one thought about a GPS navigation system?

The question isn’t so much what we did before these luxuries, but rather, where we’re going as we continue to push the envelope on creativity and ingenuity. Those ready to take on that journey were recognized at the 2014 Henry Ford Technology Awards (HFTA) on September 24, at the Dearborn Inn.

Now in its 34th year, the program was created as part of the Company’s effort to provide greater management attention to, and recognition of, exceptional technical contributions by employees in positions under Leadership Level 2 (LL2).

This global recognition process honors technical achievements that are implemented into our products and includes Research and Advanced Engineering, Product Development and Manufacturing, with a maximum of 10 awards presented in any one year.